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Nutrition Counselling

Individualised Approach

Understanding Living provide 1:1 nutrition services from the comfort of your home.

Understanding Living is run by Scarlet a registered associate nutritionist with the AFN meaning that she provides evidenced-based nutrition.

Understanding Living Prides itself in providing empathetic, individualised and evidenced based care to everyone. 

All 1:1 sessions are done via video conferencing.

Expertise and Conditions

- Body image improvement

- Disordered eating and emotional eating

- Diet improvement and optimisation

- Intuitive Eating 

- Gut health

- Meal planning

What To Expect

Step 1

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is where we discuss your answers on the pre-consultation form as well as setting any goals and getting a better understanding of what you would like to achieve to help create a tailored guide for you.

Step 2

Education Session

A 80 minute education session where we will lay down the ground work to get you started on your journey. You will receive your own personal handbook that is packed with nutrition education, worksheets and information to help you on your journey.

Step 3

Weekly Coaching

Weekly coaching sessions lasting 50 minutes will help you to unravel your food rules, learn how to listen to your bodies natural queues and learn how to be confident within your body and food choices again.

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