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Completely Confident Coaching

A 12 week intuitive eating programme helping you feel completely confident
Programme Starts January 10th 2022

Doors will open on the 1st December! Register your interest today to be the first one to know when doors open!

Are you ready to forget food rules and fall back in love with yourself and food?
Imagine this...

No longer confused as to what to eat

Feeling healthier while still enjoying the foods you love

Feeling confident in your body and food choices

Becoming your most authentic self

Feeling free from dieting BS

Honouring how your body feels and being self-compassionate


We have the tools to help you to finally feel confident.


This Programme Is For You If...

You are TIRED of feeling self conscious and confused about food

You are FED UP of dieting and being told the only way to be healthy is to lose weight

You want to feel CONFIDENT and HAPPY in your body 

You are READY to take back food and learn how to enjoy it again without feeling guilty

Ready to give up the idea of weight loss and gain the tools to FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF AGAIN

This is NOT for you if you aren't ready to give up weight loss for good

Whats Included In The Course?

EXCLUSIVE facebook group where you can ask questions and get constant support from other members

75 minute weekly coaching calls going over the weeks content and answering questions 

12 workbooks jam packed with information and activities to help you on your journey

Personalised journal (optional) to help gather your thoughts throughout your new journey

Doors will open on the 1st December! Register your interest today to be the first one to know when doors open!

The Course At A Glance 
Colorful Food

Weeks 1-2

We will start by laying the ground work, building up the tools to help you notice where diet culture is hiding, understanding your emotions and how to react to them and how to ditch diet culture for good

Picture of Scarlet smiling
What To Expect

Compassionate and real advice from someone who has been there and made it through

Amazing support from like minded people

Tools and knowledge to help you navigate a diet obsessed world

Access to the knowledge and supportive community forever!

Gain the confidence to be unapologetically YOU

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to fully love themselves and live their loves whole heartedly and are committed to helping you reach that goal!

Doors will open on the 1st December! Register your interest today to be the first one to know when doors open!


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Completely Confident Coaching

What happens if I can't make the live session?

No worries! Before the live session you will be asked to fill out a sheet for your questions so even if you aren't in the session your questions will be answered! All the sessions are recorded and put into the exclusive facebook group so you can rewatch later.

Do I get to keep the content?

Yes! The best thing about this course is that you have life time access to the content and the Facebook group! Meaning you will constantly have support no matter where you are at in your journey!

Can I pay in Installments?

Yes! You can pay over four month installments! Just click the option above that says "4 Month Payment Plan" and it will get you set up!

How do I know this is right for me?

Anyone can start this journey so even thinking about trying intuitive eating shows that you are ready! Having the support of a nutritionist and of the other memebers in the group means that you are more likely to stick to the programme and challenge those food rules!

Who shouldn't do this programme?

This programme isn't right for those who are suffering with an active eating disorder. Please speak to your GP to help you get the best possible care.

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