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The Story Behind Understanding Living

Understanding Living is an online nutrition clinic owned by Scarlet Gilbart, a Registered Associate Nutritionist and a freelance nutrition writer and content creator. Understanding living was first created on Instagram as a way of documenting Scarlet's journey into health. Through her time at university, she realised how complex being healthy really is and made it her mission to help debunk the fake news and make nutrition more accessible. Scarlet has a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Clinical Nutrition which have provided her valuable skills in research and understanding the link between nutrition and mental health. She has completed training in Intuitive Eating through the London Center of Intuitive Eating forming the main basis of how Scarlet runs her clinic. Intuitive Eating looks at having food freedom and becoming more confident in yourself and your food choices without the thoughts and pressure of diet culture and weight loss. Scarlet is also able to offer support to those who may want general advice on nutrition without talking about weight loss. 

Meet The Team

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Scarlet Gilbart ANutr

Scarlet is a registered associate nutritionist and the owner and founder of Understanding Living. Her aim is to help people understand food and their relationship with their body by using non-diet approaches. She also runs a Facebook group to help those who are new to non-diet approaches and intuitive eating. 

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Caitlin Edwards PT

Caitlin is a HAES- aligned level 3 Personal Trainer and Coach. She works within the intuitive fitness framework, with a size inclusive and non-weight focused approaches. In her online coaching business BE. SOULFUL, Caitlin helps women improve their relationship with exercise and their body.

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Bethany Tripp

Beth is a MSc student studying Nutrition and Behaviour at Bournemouth University having previously graduated with a BSc in Psychology. She is hoping to get out into the world by the end of the academic year and ultimately aims to work in the field of Nutrition. Alongside her studies she volunteers for ABL Health as a Virtual Lifestyle Advisor, as well as runs her own blog, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

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Augustina Guye

Augustina, is a recent graduate in Nutrition and Health, and a volunteer writer for Understanding Living.

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